How to Make


What You'll Need

– Pancake Mix (make according to the back of the box) – Banana Slices – Raspberries – Strawberries – Whipped Cream – Chocolate Chips

How to Make

1. Make pancakes using the box's instructions.

2. Place your 1st pancake on a plate & tear the 2nd pancake into pieces to make Santa's mustache. Add to the top of the pancake.

How to Make

Next place your sliced bananas at the bottom of the pancake for Santa's beard.

How to Make

Add Santa's red hat with raspberries. Use raspberries & strawberries for Santa's nose & chocolate chips for eyes.

How to Make

The finishing touches are to top off his mustache & his Santa hat with whipped cream!


– Let the pancake cool before adding chocolate & whipped cream. – You could do candy eyes, a strawberry hat, or a full whipped cream beard!

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